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CB series top mount of deep bed sand filter/fresh water tank

  • CB series top mount of deep bed sand filter/fresh water tank
CB series top mount of deep bed sand filter/fresh water tank
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Deep Bed Sand Filter(potable water tank),adopt with higher depth of multy-level structure way to add filter material. High precision filter,make sure the water is more clean,more healthy,apply to high standards of high performance water treatment engineering requirements,make the filtering more efficient.
Small filters use the multy-valve control the water;Big size filters use the butterfly valve, can choose in stall with sight glass or side manhole.This series of products can be made into sand filter ozone reaction tank,good performance in both UV-resistant and anti-chemical corrosionand outlet adopt flexible interface or flange interface, Convenient and flexible.
Reacti on formular: CT>1.6 Ozone dema nd: PO3=QcXO3, Ozone filter size: V = Qc/60Xtₒ C-the arount of ozone added into water.t-the time about ozone and water reaction.V-the volume about ozone reactor. Qc- the circulating water of swimming pool.

Turn off the water pump power before convert any function on the multy-valve,the temperature of the circulating water up to 50°C (122°F).
Sand filter maximum working pressure:2.5Kg(250Kpa/36psi/2.5bar)/the maximum pressure test is 4Kg(400Kpa/58psi/4.0bar).Can be produced according to
specify different color, different degree of pressure.The maximum operating temperature is: 50°C (122°F).
The coarse silica sand specification is 0.5mm-0.8mm,Fine sand specifications is: 1mm-2 mm.