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CC series commercial sand filter

  • CC series commercial sand filter
CC series commercial sand filter
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New spiral cover system which aids the operations of opening and closing.The air purge is built into the cover which can be efficient to release the air from the filter.
The distanee between the upper part of the sand layer and the diffuser head("freeboa「d")has been increased to ensure greater distribution of water in the filtration phase and avoid sand being spilt into the drain during backwash.
The specially desig ned man hole in the sand filter can make the sand exchanging process more convenient and efficient.ln the filtering process,the filtering effect of water can be observed through the perspective manhole which is designed in the sand filter.
Equipped with manual exhaust valve and exhaust pipe, which can automatically discharge the gas in running and debugging .
Commercial sand filter is used in larger size installations.such as commercial and communal swimming poolᵣaquatic park.aquariums and other place where need water treatment.

Turn off the water pump power before convert any function on the multy-valve^he temperature of the circulating water up to 50°C (122°F).
Sand filter maximum working pressure:2.5Kg(250Kpa/36psi/2.5bar),the maximum pressure test is 4Kg(400Kpa/58psi/4.0bar).Can be produced according to
specify different color, different degree of pressure.The maximum operating temperature is: 50°C (122°F).
The coarse silica sand specification is 0.5mm-0.8mm,Fine sand specifications is: 1mm-2 mm.