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CPS side mount sand filter with pump combo

  • CPS side mount sand filter with pump combo
CPS side mount sand filter with pump combo
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Sand Filter With Pump Combo ‘which equipped top mount or side mount filter and corresponding matching filter pump self-priming cycle,drug delivery device is opti on al,easy to handle,easy to operate,save a space,strong and durable,Greatly improve the comprehensive performance and efficiency,resulting more customers select it for their swimming poolsjishpond and landscape pool.

Turn off the water pump power before con vert any function on the multy-valve,the temperature of the circulating water up to 50°C (122°F).
Sand filter maximum working pressure:2.5Kg(250Kpa/36psi/2.5bar),the maximum pressure test is 4Kg(400Kpa/58psi/4.0bar).The maximum operating temperature is: 50°C(122°F).
The coarse silica sand specification is 0.5mm-0.8mm,Fine sand specifications is: 1mm-2 mm」nside the tank body can fill filter material,soften the resin particles or activated car bon .Because of the differe nces in quartz sand specificati on in different regions, sand weight data are just for refere nee.
The filter material not more than two-thirds of the sand tank volume,at least 20 cm below the water bucket.
Transparent conducting sand filter plate in place before fill with the filter materia^to prevent the filter material into the inside base pipe of the sand filter.