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CF underground integration equipment

  • CF underground integration equipment
CF underground integration equipment
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This series of products use high quality fiberglass material, connecting classic and modern way to make out, can be placed around the pool convenient location or buried under the ground cover grass or potted,also save great expense for machine rooms and reduce the con struct! on cost.
The tanks have good performance in anti-impact,anti・insolate,anti・UV.Owe to strong and stable performance,beautiful appearance,which have excellent weather resista nee and low temperature resistance, it suitable for outdoor use.
Customers can choose different tank colorjnside parts include side mount sand filter, Self-priming loop filter pump, chemical dosing machine,we offer more choices for customers except the standard configuration.
Integration design make the use more easy,complete equipment, excellent performance, specifications and standards conform to the swimming pool.Even in normal family,they can own clean and beautiful pool now.

Sand filter maximum working pressure:2.5Kg(250Kpa/36psi/2.5bar).
The maximum pressure test is 4Kg(400Kpa/58psi/4.0bar).
The maximum operating temperature is: 50°C(122°F).
The coarse silica sand specification is 1 mm-2mm.